Thursday, January 27, 2011


this whole blog thing has gotten off to a rocky it is the 27th of january and the last time i posted was well over 10 days ago.  i get distracted say the least. :) (those of you that know me surely agree)  

let's see, what have i done the past 10 or so days...

...went on a very nice horse back ride with my boyfriend preston...


...finally got a few things up at miss audreybird vintage... 

hand whipped meringue, made with fresh farm eggs

...made several loaves of bread and one chocolate pie soup...

...and experienced a surprise snow.

Oh more thing. h&m is launching an online shopping site by the end of 2011.  the future is a little brighter now.

Friday, January 14, 2011


still in the process of getting items organized and photographed for my etsy.  i sort of got distracted and had a small photo shoot with my adorable kitties.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


well...i've gotten off to a very slow start with this whole blog thing.  i've been under the weather pretty much the entire month of december and january with terrible sinus problems.  yesterday, i woke up barely able to swallow and my throat had some very lovely white patches, not to mention tonsils the size of golf balls! needless to say, i gave in and went to visit the doctor.  one cortisone shot later i was feeling good as new.  so hopefully today i can get some things accomplished.  it's 9:40 and i've already attempted to make breakfast for my (amazing) boyfriend, taken my medicine (which i'm absolutely terrible about), and had a cup of coffee. (ok, maybe a few cups) trust me, this is an accomplishment! :)

              goals for 01.12.11